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About us

Welcome to, an online platform designed to help musicians and music enthusiasts alike connect with each other! 


Our platform is built with the aim to make the musician booking process in the UK easier, more practical and hassle-free. was created by Erhan Tonbul, a performing musician with over 22 years of experience in the music industry. Erhan realized that the existing musician booking platforms in the UK were not practical for musicians, as they often required a lot of time and effort to become ready-to-be-booked. This was particularly challenging for independent musicians and bands who often don't have the support and resources of bigger bands or record labels.

A photo of the founder of during a performance on stage

Being an engineer himself, Erhan decided to put his expertise in building decision support systems to good use and create a musician booking platform that would be easy to use, practical, and accessible for all musicians. His experience in both music and engineering has given him a unique perspective on the musician booking process, and the challenges that musicians face in booking gigs and finding the right opportunities. Erhan's passion for music and his experience as a musician has been an integral part of the platform's development. His first-hand knowledge of the music industry, its workings, and its challenges has allowed him to create a platform that meets the specific needs of musicians. His understanding of the creative process that goes into making music, combined with his technical expertise, has allowed him to build a platform that empowers musicians to showcase their talent and connect with the right audience.

The platform is designed to help musicians of all genres and levels of experience connect with the right audience, find gigs, and make their mark in the industry. Whether you're an independent musician, a band, or a music enthusiast looking to hire a musician, our platform makes the booking process simple and easy. Our platform is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate, search and filter musicians according to specific criteria.

We take pride in providing musicians with a platform that is easy to use and practical, making it easier for them to get discovered and find the right opportunities. We believe that music has the power to inspire, and our platform is designed to make that happen. is a platform created by a musician for musicians. Erhan Tonbul's unique combination of experience in both music and engineering has allowed him to create a platform that meets the specific needs of musicians in the UK. Our platform is designed to make the musician booking process simpler, more practical, and accessible to all musicians, regardless of their genre or experience level. So whether you're a musician looking for gigs or a music enthusiast looking to hire musicians, has got you covered!

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