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Hire musicians for your events.
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All genres. All instruments.

You can include UK cities, type of service (bass player, singer, drum tutor etc), genres, or keywords in a single prompt thanks to AI search bar.

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Welcome to bookmusicians: Your Ultimate Destination for Musician Hiring and Music Lessons. Organizing an event? Discover our easy-to-use platform for hiring talented local musicians, perfect for adding a special touch to any occasion. Interested in learning to play an instrument? Our skilled music tutors are here, ready to guide you on your musical journey. Whether you're looking to hire a band, a solo artist, or seeking top-quality music education, bookmusicians is your go-to source. Start your search today and let us help create a memorable musical experience. Explore and book musician services effortlessly!

You are a musician? Looking for jobs?

Music service types

Navigate through our extensive range of music service types to find the ideal match for your requirements. Whether you're in pursuit of mesmerizing live performances, enriching music lessons, or state-of-the-art recording sessions, our platform simplifies your search. Delve in and explore the vast services our skilled musicians have on offer.


Elevate your event's ambiance by selecting musicians according to the instruments they master. From the melodious strumming of a guitar to the powerful notes of a trumpet, our platform empowers you to pinpoint the precise musical tones you desire. Browse and connect with instrumentalists that perfectly resonate with your event's theme.

A wide selection of genres

Embrace the diversity of music with our expansive genre selection. Whether you're captivated by the timeless allure of jazz, the pulsating rhythms of rock, or the soulful melodies of blues, our platform is your gateway to it all. "All genres. All musicians." is not just our motto—it's our promise. Explore and connect with musicians who resonate with your preferred musical genre, ensuring an unforgettable auditory experience for your event.

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